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Crematorium, Aalst, BE

The scheme proposes a new crematorium on the fringes of the Belgian city of Aalst. As a part of the development a country park is created for the inhabitants. The landscape is bisected by a broad, generous and inviting path. Land on one side being occupied by the practical and ceremonial functions of the crematorium, on the other by open fields that provide outlook beyond the confines of the site. A classically influenced rustic pavilion terminates the axial entrance path giving shelter and a focal point for the garden of remembrance.

The crematorium building and landscape works provide a buffer against road noise making the site a peaceful one in nature. This relationship with nature permaates the interior spaces through a series of courts and planted perimeters, creating privacy, while separate ceremonies and functions occur simultaneously. The central entrance hall provides orientaion and allows for different groups to circulate independently.

New Crematorium and Park for Aalst