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New Govenment Complex, Antwerp, BE

Our proposal retains a significant and well loved post-war council office and integrates into a new complex of local government buildings. The new buildings are the same height as the retained block, and the buildings in the surrounding area, and are closely integrated into the gardens and landscape around.

The new building is a passive, low energy, sustainable building, with loggias on the façades that keep summer sun out and let winter sun in. The windows open to provide ventilation and to cool the building at night. Water is recycled and energy use is minimised.

The building will last a long time: It is very flexible and can be easily re-planned when things change. It is made from long lasting, low maintenance materials. The retained offices, which are an important part of the history and memory of the region, become a part of the new public façade of the building on the main road. A large new canopy on this façade makes the entrance absolutely clear. People can walk in the gardens on each side of the new building and through the interior courtyard and public foyer seeing government at work, making the building a real public place for the people

A new seat of provincial government located in Antwerp, Belgium.