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SRF Next, Zurich, CH

SRF Next building is a clear and economical statement of SRF and its public mission.
Its imagery will be created by the activity of people using and enjoying, discretely visible through the facades.

Simple, glass facades relate SRF Next to the buildings on each side to provide a unified public face of SRF Media Campus. Facades to the outside of SRF Next will contain integral sun screening, while those to the court in the centre will be transparent with angled blinds to maintain views to the trees and planting there on sunny days.

A welcoming and accessible public space fills the ground floor. At the entrance the cinema is visible on the left with the news and TV studios above it. The cinema can reconfigured for other events that can be accessed through the foyer in the basement.  To the right of the entrance is the reception desk. Ahead are places to sit while waiting, two cafes and a restaurant arranged around a landscaped courtyard. Shaded from the wind and facing south, the courtyard will provide a warm microclimate. To the side of the court on the south is the public entrance to the existing studio block.

The first floor, with its bridge links to the buildings either side, is a meeting place for the Campus. While visibly a whole space it is articulated into a variety of different places to meet, eat, drink coffee and work informally away from your desk, arranged around the landscaped courtyard that extends up from the ground floor. Office floors are characterful, day-lit lofts that are widely open to different working arrangements, arranged around a landscaped courtyard in the centre. Facing south into the courtyard on each floor is a loggia with a simple drinks kitchen and furniture providing places to meet, think and work at a laptop or hold a conversation. The loggias are heated in winter and naturally ventilated and shaded in summer to provide a different, more informal environment to the lofts.