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Spinderihallarna i Vejle, DK

Organised by the Vejle Local Authority and the Realdania Foundation, the purpose of the competition was to provide design proposals for the regeneration of Viejle Spinning Mill, a redundant industrial building complex into a creative growth centre where cultural activities and businesses can coexist.

The interior of these buildings has played a large part in the economy and culture of Vejle, Making it visible and giving it over to public use is the primary statement of our scheme. The interior is modified by strategically removing parts of the existing structure to make two open-air courtyards. Its visibility is improved by glazing the facades and providing site lines from two new entrances, one for pedestrians, characterised by greenery and one for cars and coaches leading to a walled enclosure for parking.

At the heart of the interior is a new public living room around which all key facilities are arranged making it a place of real creative interchange. This space will be occupied by large and very durable items of furniture that, at a most basic level, will provide an invitation to simply sit and spend time. A corridor furnished with display vitrines leads to the children's theatre. Its floor becomes patterned and magical, as befits a children's theatre, before leading out under a new glass roof to the theatre. 

Our joint proposal with Danish practice BBP Arkitekter for Spinderihallerne I Vejle was selected as a finalist in an international design competition for the development of a 11,500 sqm arts centre in Viejle, Denmark.